Michel Laplante | Consultant
25 years of experience in Marketing and Sales (national and international level), technology management, audio-video, desktop video, multimedia and, for the last eleven years, strategic planning, marketing and financing to organizations and enterprises of theses sectors and others such as biotechnology, retail, financial services and envrionmental technologies.

I was co-producer for a multimedia training series on local TV.
I mainly had mandates in Canada and United States but also worked on various projects for which I have traveled in China, Middle-East, South America, Europe and Africa.

I am presently developing an infrastructure aimed at supporting local organizations who want to tap in the Persian Gulf market. (Gulf Cooperation Council) Quebec-Dubai Business Center

Information on our company is available at www.conquetetech.com

Our network is strong in North America and Europe to but we have developed partnerships / relationships with organizations and government leaders in Africa and Asia Pacific.
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+1 450 627 5493 T
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